Can I continue to receive my super?

Yes, you are living in your own apartment so you continue to qualify for the living alone allowance.

Can I move in straight away?

As soon as your apartment is ready you can move in provided you have signed the legal documents.

Can I change the level of services I receive?

Yes, at any time you can elect to add or remove additional services.

Do you have activities?

Yes, an extensive range of free activities is available Monday to Friday. Staff are dedicated to looking after this task.

Can I have an alcoholic drink?

Alcohol is provided to you at regular times and on special occasions.

As a subsidised resident, do I receive funds personally?

Yes. An allowance is paid to you fortnightly by Work and Income. Generally, this is paid into your personal bank account.

Can I have my own armchair in my room?

We provide armchairs and a TV in every room and we will try and accommodate your own special items.

Are there call bells in the room?

Yes, they are conveniently located in your room and ensuite. They are also located in the lounges, dining room and library.

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes, special diets can easily be catered for as long as we are told in advance.

Can dry cleaning be done?

Yes. We can arrange for your dry cleaning to be one at a reasonable cost.

Can I walk in the garden?

Yes, if you are mobile we encourage you to take daily walks.

What is the food like?

Delicious! We have dedicated chefs who prepare lovely nutritious food set by a nutritionist to ensure you receive a well-balanced diet. Menus are provided to all residents.

Do you have a hairdresser?

Yes, we have a hair salon on site where you can have your grooming requirements met at a reasonable cost.

Am I helped in showering and dressing?

Yes, you are assisted by our staff in all showering, toileting and dressing as required.

Who looks after my medication?

A registered nurse in conjunction with your GP and pharmacist oversee your medication.

Can I keep my own GP?

Yes, plus we have a resident doctor available, if required.

Will anyone help me during the night?

Yes. Staff are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ring your call bell at any time.

Do you have registered nurses?

We employ full-time registered nurses providing 24-hour care.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, you just need to get approval from The Village Palms manager.

What if I can no longer afford weekly fees?

Your assisted living weekly fee is less than the New Zealand superannuation rate for a single person. You have the option of deferring payment for any additional services you require.

Can I keep my own doctor?

Yes, or you can take advantage of our visiting doctor.

Can I be taken out?

Yes, but please let us know when you do for safety and security reasons.

Do I have access to a physiotherapist?

Yes, a physiotherapist is available on referral from your GP. The cost is included in your fee.

Can I put pictures on the wall?

We provide display units for photographs and you can also put pictures on the wall. Ask our maintenance person to carry out this task for you.

Do I have access to a podiatrist?

A podiatrist visits on a regular basis. The cost is included in your fee where the visit is prescribed by a GP.

What happens if I run out of money?

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for a subsidy from the Government. We can assist you with this process and on how to make an application.

Is smoking allowed?

The Village Palms is SMOKE FREE. Please ask us how we can accommodate your requirements.

Are subsidies available?

Yes. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for a subsidy from the Government. We can assist you with this process and on how to make an application.

What is the subsidy process?

To qualify for a subsidy you must be assessed by a Needs Assessment and Coordination Service as requiring the appropriate level of care, and by Work and Income as being eligible for financial assistance. Please be aware the assessments take time and you may not qualify until the assessments are complete.

Are morning, afternoon tea and supper available?

Yes, we make a large selection of home baking in Hammersley’s Restaurant.

Who will look after me?

We have registered nurses and qualified careers who will look after you. As much is possible the same staff will care for you on each shift so you can get to know each other.

Can I use the telephone?

Yes. There is a residents’ telephone or cordless phone available. We can also arrange for a telephone to be installed in your room (at an additional cost).

Is laundry done on site?

Yes, we have a full commercial laundry on site and your laundry is done at no extra charge.

What are the visiting times?

At all times, but we request that your visitors respect the privacy of other residents.